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Installing ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE on Ubuntu Linux

In this tutorial we are installing ESP32 board in Arduino IDE. Its not same as installing ESP8266. ESP32 is dual core CPU in arduino IDE it will not support all the functions but its enough to make many projects.

ESP32 is highly-integrated with in-built antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise receive amplifier, filters, and power management modules. ESP32 adds priceless functionality and versatility to your applications with minimal Printed Circuit Board (PCB) requirements. ESP32 can interface with other systems to provide Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality through its SPI / SDIO or I2C / UART interfaces. Continue reading Installing ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE on Ubuntu Linux

Getting Started with IoT


Extending the current Internet and providing connection, communication, and inter-networking between devices and physical objects, or “Things,” is a growing trend that is often referred to as the Internet of Things.

 “The technologies and solutions that enable integration of real world data and services into the current information networking technologies are often described under the umbrella term of the Internet of Things (IoT)”

What we Learn ?

1. How to program ESP8266? 

2. Selecting right IoT wifi module?

3. How to program ESP8266 using Arduino IDE?

4. IoT Software configurations.

5. Which tools to select ?

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