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ESP8266 jQuery and AJAX Web Server

This example shows how to use jQuery in ESP8266, NodeMCU ? There are two ways to use jQuery in ESP8266 Web Sever, first is to use cdn server and second is directly putting jQuery on ESP Flash File System. We will look into both examples. We make use of jQuery Knob to demonstrate real time fading of LED control using jQuery and AJAX requests.

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ESP8266 (NodeMCU) post request data to website

In this example we learn how to send post request to a web page using NodeMCU or ESP8266? As we know all webpages are HTTP protocols, GET and POST are methods of communicating between web browser and the server. Also we look towards server side php coding. If you are looking for GET method read here. Continue reading ESP8266 (NodeMCU) post request data to website

ESP8266 PWM Example

This ESP8266 PWM example explains how to use the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)  with the ESP8266.

ESP8266 can generate PWM on all IO pins. The ESP8266 analogWrite is different than the Arduino Uno. ESP8266 uses 10-bit resolution for PWM generation PWM value varries from 0 to 1023. Arduino Uses 8-Bit Resolution i.e.PWM range is 0-254.

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