Standard Resistor Values

Resistors and Capacitors are types of passive electronic components. The basic unit of resistance is the ohm (Ω) and capacitance is Farad.

Standard base resistor values are given in the following tables for the most commonly used tolerances (1%, 2%, 5%, 10%), along with typically available resistance ranges.

In 1952 the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) decided to define the resistance and tolerance values into a norm, to ease the mass manufacturing of resistors. These are referred to as preferred values or E-series, and they are published in standard IEC 60063:1963. These standard values are also valid for other components like capacitors, inductors and Zener diodes. The preferred values for resistors were established in 1952, but the concept of the geometric series was already introduced by army engineer Renard in the 1870s.

The standardization of resistor values serves several important purposes. When manufacturers produce resistors with different resistance values, these end up approximately equally spaced on a logarithmic scale. This helps the supplier to limit the number of different values that have to be produced or kept in stock. By using standard values, resistors of different manufacturers are compatible for the same design, which is favorable for the electrical engineer.

Aside from the preferred values, many other standards related to resistors exist. An example is standard sizes for resistors, or the marking of resistors with color codes or numerical codes. Power ratings of resistors are not defined in a norm, therefore often is deviated from the above described series.

Standard Resistor Values

Standard Resistor Values (±5%)
1.0 10 100 1.0K 10K 100K 1.0M
1.1 11 110 1.1K 11K 110K 1.1M
1.2 12 120 1.2K 12K 120K 1.2M
1.3 13 130 1.3K 13K 130K 1.3M
1.5 15 150 1.5K 15K 150K 1.5M
1.6 16 160 1.6K 16K 160K 1.6M
1.8 18 180 1.8K 18K 180K 1.8M
2.0 20 200 2.0K 20K 200K 2.0M
2.2 22 220 2.2K 22K 220K 2.2M
2.4 24 240 2.4K 24K 240K 2.4M
2.7 27 270 2.7K 27K 270K 2.7M
3.0 30 300 3.0K 30K 300K 3.0M
3.3 33 330 3.3K 33K 330K 3.3M
3.6 36 360 3.6K 36K 360K 3.6M
3.9 39 390 3.9K 39K 390K 3.9M
4.3 43 430 4.3K 43K 430K 4.3M
4.7 47 470 4.7K 47K 470K 4.7M
5.1 51 510 5.1K 51K 510K 5.1M
5.6 56 560 5.6K 56K 560K 5.6M
6.2 62 620 6.2K 62K 620K 6.2M
6.8 68 680 6.8K 68K 680K 6.8M
7.5 75 750 7.5K 75K 750K 7.5M
8.2 82 820 8.2K 82K 820K 8.2M
9.1 91 910 9.1K 91K 910K 9.1M

Standard Capacitor Values

Standard Capacitor Values (±10%)

10pF 100pF 1000pF .010mF .10mF 1.0mF 10mF
12pF 120pF 1200pF .012mF .12mF 1.2mF
15pF 150pF 1500pF .015mF .15mF 1.5mF
18pF 180pF 1800pF .018mF .18mF 1.8mF
22pF 220pF 2200pF .022mF .22mF 2.2mF 22mF
27pF 270pF 2700pF .027mF .27mF 2.7mF
33pF 330pF 3300pF .033mF .33mF 3.3mF 33mF
39pF 390pF 3900pF .039mF .39mF 3.9mF
47pF 470pF 4700pF .047mF .47mF 4.7mF 47uF
56pF 560pF 5600pF .056mF .56mF 5.6mF
68pF 680pF 6800pF .068mF .68mF 6.8mF
82pF 820pF 8200pF .082mF .82mF 8.2mF

Capacitor IEC and EIA Codes

Ceramic capacitor have EIA or IEC code on it. from below table value of capacitor can be known.

Sr.No. Pico-Farads KPFarads IEC Code Micro-Farads EIA Code
1 1pf 0.001Kpf n001 0.000001mfd 1R0
2 4.7pf 0.004Kpf n0047 0.0000047mfd 4R7
3 10pf 0.01Kpf n01 0.00001mfd 100
4 22pf 0.022Kpf n022 0.000022mfd 220
5 100pf 0.1Kpf n10 0.0001mfd 101
6 330pf 0.33Kpf n33 0.00033mfd 331
7 1000pf 1Kpf 1nf 0.001mfd 102
8 1200pf 1K2pf 1n2 0.0012mfd 122
9 1500pf 1K5pf 1n5 0.0015mfd 152
10 2200pf 2K2pf 2n2 0.0022mfd 222
11 2500pf 2K5pf 2n5 0.0025mfd 252
12 2700pf 2K7pf 2n7 0.0027mfd 272
13 3300pf 3K3pf 3n3 0.0033mfd 332
14 3900pf 3K9pF 3n9 0.0039mfd 392
15 4700pf 4K7pf 4n7 0.0047mfd 472
16 5600pf 5K6pf 5n6 0.0056mfd 562
17 6800pf 6K8pf 6n8 0.0068mfd 682
18 8200pf 8K2pf 8n2 0.0082mfd 822
19 10000pf 10Kpf 10nf 0.01mfd 103
20 15000pf 15Kpf 15nf 0.015mfd 153
21 18000pf 18Kpf 18nf 0.018mfd 183
22 22000pf 22Kpf 22nf 0.022mfd 223
23 27000pf 27Kpf 27nf 0.027mfd 273
24 33000pf 33Kpf 33nf 0.033mfd 333
25 47000pf 47Kpf 47nf 0.047mfd 473
26 56000pf 56Kpf 56nf 0.056mfd 563
27 68000pf 68Kpf 68nf 0.068mfd 683
28 82000pf 82Kpf 82nf 0.082mfd 823
29 100000pf 100Kpf 100nf 0.1mfd 104
30 150000pf 150Kpf 150nf 0.15mfd 154
31 180000pf 180Kpf 180nf 0.18mfd 184
32 220000pf 220Kpf 220nf 0.22mfd 224
33 250000pf 250Kpf 250nf 0.25mfd 254
34 270000pf 270Kpf 270nf 0.27mfd 274
35 330000pf 330Kpf 330nf 0.33mfd 334
36 390000pf 390Kpf 390nf 0.39mfd 394
37 470000pf 470Kpf 470nf 0.47mfd 474
38 560000pf 560Kpf 560nf 0.56mfd 564
39 680000pf 680Kpf 680nf 0.68mfd 684
40 1000000pf 1000Kpf 1000nf 1.0mfd 105
41 4700000pf 4700Kpf 4700nf 4.7mfd 475
42 10000000pf 10000Kpf 10000nf 10.0 mfd 106

On SMD ceramic capacitor there is no marking or numbering you have to measure it using capacitance meter.

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