Is Your IoT Device a threat to security

Threats to the Internet of Things Security

The last few years have been really exciting for the Internet of Things (IOT) community. Lots of new and exciting IoT products have been released but even though these products still remain on the fringe of true success, there are already controversies behind them with regards to security. Are your Iot devices a threat to security?

There is an estimated 26-50 billion connected devices that are expected to be sharing data with each other and the internet. Hackers have reportedly been able to obtain data access to a wide variety of connected devices. This has become a huge concern over the security threats of the Internet of Things.

This concernisusually not something consumers would think about before we buy our favorite products from Apple and Samsung.Many consumers are still unaware that their connected devices could be infiltrated and used to conduct a cyber-attacks and other security threats. The question is, would a simple security PIN code fix this problem? The answer is No.There is a security studyconducted by the brand Hewlett-Packard of 10 most popular connected devices exposed the amount of flaws in securitythat threaten the consumer market. There is a total of 250 flaws in security which is about 25 per device. Moreover, even though the company never revealed exactly what brands and the models they used for the testing, the constant factor was the stripped down version of what Linux they were running.

Having ourselves protected from information thieves is going to be a best practice for us in the near future. Hopefully there would be more public awareness campaign when it comes to internet security and the internet of thing and theIOT manufacturers will start to implement better security measures for their products and services; including features like multifactor authentication, etc.

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