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Flow Meter using Arduino

In this tutorial we are designing flow meter using arduino, basically we use arduino boot loader controller on our custom made PCB.

A flow meter is a device used to measure the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid moving through a pipe. Flow measurement applications are very diverse and each situation has its own constraints and engineering requirements. Flow meters are referred to by many names, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, etc. depending on the particular industry; however the function, to measure flow, remains the same.

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Digital Voltmeter using Arduino


            7-segment displays are most popular in panel meters, It can show direct numerical value on display, It’s cost is low and display size bigger than LCD’s. Lets interface four digit display, most of the time four digits are enough to display data. Continue reading Digital Voltmeter using Arduino

LED Bar-graph Display


LED bar-graph displays are much popular in battery level indication, water level indicator applications. Most of the inverter units have LED bar-graph display on its front panel. As we have seen in previous application we used only one LED to indicate battery level. With reference to above application we are showing voltage level on LED bar-graph display. Continue reading LED Bar-graph Display

Arduino Based Underground Cable Fault Detection


The objective of this project is to determine the distance of underground cable fault from base station in kilometers using an Arduino board. The underground cabling system is a common practice followed in many urban areas. There are many electrical, telephone and other signal cables are laid underground. Continue reading Arduino Based Underground Cable Fault Detection

Sound Level Measurement using Arduino

Sound Level Measurement

Using sound sensor we detect ambient sound. This board along with the microphone, has a small built-in amplifier (integrated circuit LM386), because only the microphone would not be able to send signal to Arduino. The connection scheme is very clean, composed of only 3 pins: Vcc, GND and S (signal). In the middle of the plate, there is a potentiometer for sensitivity adjustment. Continue reading Sound Level Measurement using Arduino