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ESP8266 Software Serial Communication

Software serial uses timer, be careful when you are using software serial. Timer is also used for WiFi communication section if you don’t give enough time to WiFi routines it will create problem of stack error or misbehavior. It is better to use software serial only when you need two serial ports and also avoid use of software serial for data reception.

Software serial can be implemented on any GPIO pin of ESP8266. Continue reading ESP8266 Software Serial Communication

Getting strted with IoT ESP8266

ESP8266 is most popular IoT module, it performs almost all the need of IoT functions in small size with powerful processor and huge program memory of 512Kbytes and RAM of 80 Kbytes.

This tutorial gives some information on how to get started using a ESP8266-based board. It is intended for the newbie with past experience in arduino-like mcu who wants to get a first hand at ESP8266.

In this tutorial we start with minimum hardware required and software setup.

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ESP8266 reading ADC data

The ESP8266 has in built single channel ADC that can measure between 0V and 1V with 10 bit resolution. To read higher voltages you need external voltage divider. ADC is available on ESP12.

Voltage Divider

Resistor voltage dividers are commonly used to create reference voltages, or to reduce the magnitude of a voltage so it can be measured. Continue reading ESP8266 reading ADC data