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Moving message display using arduino

Matrix Display Interface with MAX7219

The MAX7219 LED driver saves microcontroller pins and processing time. It uses only three IO pins of an Arduino.  It is easy to connect multiple displays by connecting DIN and DOUT pins.

Using a single MAX7219 you can drive 64 LEDs while you only need 4 wires to interface it to a microcontroller. In addition you can daisy chain multiple MAX7219 chips for bigger displays. Continue reading Moving message display using arduino

LCD interface using I2C Module with Arduino

I2C module with LCD display using Arduino

 How to interface PCF85574 module with arduino?
To connect LCD display 16×2 or 20×4 to Arduino you know you’ll need at least 6 wires to connect, it means sacrificing some IO’s that could be used for connecting other components such as sensors or motors. another way is to use 74HC595 Shift register for interfacing. In this tutorial we will discuss on PCF85574 I2C LCD Display Interface.
A module that can be used to circumvent this problem is the I2C Module for LCD Display with PCF85574 (datasheet ):

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Text to Speech on arduino

Give your project a voice! Without Text-to-Speech Module, Arduino TTS library makes it possible, voice synthesizer that converts a stream of digital text into retro (robot) speech. Its simple needs only external LM385 amplifier with arduino Uno, No special components or shields required. Thanks to Gabriel Petrut and Clive Webster for making this thing.
Application Ideas:
  • Reading Internet-based data streams (such as e-mails or Twitter feeds)
  • Conveying status or sensor results from robots, scientific equipment, or industrial machinery
  • Language learning or speech aids for educational environments

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Getting Started with Proteus

In this tutorial we are discussing on how to use arduino with Proteus simulation software. We assume that you have installed Arduino Library in your Proteus software. for installing arduino library in Proteus visit “How to add library in Proteus?” We will learn it by taking led blink example. Continue reading Getting Started with Proteus

How to get Hex file in Arduino ?

Hex file is needed for simulation and when you use separate programmer to program your microcontroller. In this tutorial we will see how to get hex file in Arduino IDE?

Steps to Get Hex File in Arduino IDE

These steps are applicable to all Arduino versions to get hex file.

Step 1: Open your arduino Software.

Step 2: Open any example code or write your own code. Continue reading How to get Hex file in Arduino ?